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February 19, 2010
  • Dretzle

    You lied to us from the beginning producers. I hope you never find another job in Hollywood. And I mean that.

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  • Dretzle

    I Saw a Bright White Light

    I think this episode gave us a hint as to what Locke saw that he was describing to Eko. We have to make some inferences here, but Jacob sent MiB into the cave with the bright light in it. When he went in the light went out and the smoke monster came out.

    One reasonable inference is that the MiB somehow absorbed the light into himself. How that made the smoke monster, I don't know. Perhaps his hate and anger manifested physically. I think that's an answer yet to come. But MiB and the smoke monster was definitely connected to that bright light. So perhaps that means there is an essence of that light inside the smoke monster/MiB, and that is what Locke saw.

    The Loophole

    We don't know all that their mother knew, but she …

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  • Dretzle

    I don't mean the answers that people are either not satisfied with, wasn't delivered as chilling and dramatic as they could be, or possibly even don't make sense. I don't mean what some feel as a sudden introduction of characters we didn't care about, or even the FST full of characters that we are meeting for the first time, since they're not the same Losties we know (completely different life experiences).

    There's something else. Something just feels off.

    Recently I rewatched the first few episodes. They were completely awesome. BAM! Closeup to Jack's eye, we seem him laying in the jungle, scary music, cool camera movement. All of it sets us in the mood for when he pops out of the jungle... OMG a plane crash on the beach! All of these episo…

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  • Dretzle

    I wanted to make a short blog about reflections over the show's entertainment value. I don't need to talk about Christian and how, if that's the last word, it's inconsistent and a cop out and I feel cheated. I don't need to give theories about who is on whose side or my general dissatisfaction of the poor delivery of some answers to mysteries this season.

    What I want to talk about is how I feel the show is becoming entertaining again.

    I've been touched by some moments this season. Ben Linus pouring his heart out to Ilana. Seeing buildings in the lighthouse mirrors. Sundown, I think, has been my favorite episode so far this season (creepy singing amid all the dead people, shivers), with Ab Aeterno as a close second, and every time Jacob has s…

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  • Dretzle

    What About The Whispers

    April 14, 2010 by Dretzle

    I'll try to keep my after episode blog shorter than I usually do. I wanted to ask what people thought about the whispers.

    The whispers have always seemed pretty important to me, being a main mystery even from season 1. Well, we get the answer to what the whispers were last night. Or I should say, we got an answer.

    So Michael said the whispers were "those of us that can't move on". I read someone else say that he said "because of what we did", but I don't remember that. If that's true, then Charlie didn't make up for his "life of sin" by his sacrifice in Through The Looking Glass and MiB's judgment of Eko was warranted (Hurley played chess with dead Eko). If Michael didn't say that than maybe there's some other reason, though it would make sens…

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