I am writing this post with the understanding that the rumor of "two characters die in the finale" is true.

Most speculation states that one principle character and one supporting character will be killed or pass away naturally in the season 5 finale of LOST. And most speculation on the speculation believes that the principle character is Ben and the secondary character is Penelope. However, with so very little evidence to confirm these rumors, I have begun to wonder: should we be so certain that Ben and Penny will be the two to bite the dust?

A few characters immediately come to mind when I consider who these doomed characters may be:

SAYID - He has practically broken away from the rest of the Losties, and at the point in which he stole Jin's gun, he may be at the point of no return. If his nature is the kill-kill-kill, the greatest redemption that the Island could bring him is death. Especially after he shoots a kid, young Ben or not.

SAWYER - This season has been so Sawyer-centric that the death of this character would be tragic. But if this were to happen, the Jack-Kate-Sawyer love triangle, one of Team Darlton's supposed favorite show aspects, would be diminished. Not to mention that Juliet would probably be so heart-broken that she became a "b" again.

DANIEL - The guy is so darn crazy now after Charlotte's death, that maybe he goes to extreme measures to secure that there is a future where he CAN'T warn her of returning to the Island. And what would be the ultimate way to make sure he never warns her? By killing himself. It's a stretch but who knows.

JACOB - We have never met this character before, but I have an inkling that he'll show up in the '70s in some form or fashion. And if that's the case, maybe he dies before inhabiting the Cabin. Again, a stretch, but so is the Smoke Monster and a wheel that moves an Island.

MILES - He really hasn't been given much development as a character. And the writers tend to snub out a character that they realize they have no pay-off for (a la Libby).

These are a few of the characters other than Ben and Penny that could be as good as dead. Thus far, I think that Jack, Kate, Desmond and Lapidus are all safe though.

What are your thoughts? Who would you hate to see go? Who would you like to pull the trigger on yourself?

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