There have been so many discussions and blog posts about what the opening to Season 6 will be, but they always seem to careen off into theoriticals and episode recaps. Instead, I thought I'd create this blog post for the simple purpose of hearing what you think should be the opening scene for the Season 6 premiere.

Some of you will say Black Rock. Some will say Jacob in the fire pit. Whatever it is, don't be ashamed to speak up.

For me, this is what I think it will be:

(1) We see Jacob's Nemesis turn into the Smoke Monster, etc.

(2) A man sits in the top of a tree. He sighs, as he finishes writing a note on the 20 dollar bill he has with him. He sticks it in his wallet, which he puts back into his pocket before climbing out of the tree. He grabs a backpack, and is about to head into the jungle when -- BEN LINUS pops up in front of him.

BEN: He sent you? MAN: I'm sorry. BEN: Charles sent you? MAN: He... it's his. BEN: Well, you found me.

Ben strangles the man to death. Drops the body onto the ground. Shuffles through his pocket, pulls out his wallet. Sees the drivers license.

BEN: Thanks. Henry Gale.

Cue dramatic music and pull back to show a hot air balloon caught in the underbrush of the jungle.

Not very shocking, but I do remember the producers saying that Gale's story would be explored further. And since alot of people think that Season 6 won't have any flashbacks, I think this opening scene would be the only chance the producers had to explore something in the past.

But I guess a Black Rock scene would be more satisfactory.

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