Alright. Travel back with me, if you could, to the episode "Man Behind the Curtain." It was the first time that John Locke, and we the audience, actually saw Jacob. And when Locke begins to head out of the cabin, he hears Jacob moan 'help me.' Ben is absolutely shocked that Locke heard Jacob speak; even more so, he seemed almost egotistically bruised by the fact that it was Locke whose help was asked for and not his own.

We've come to realize since that episode that Jacob is totally pushing for Locke, like the ultimate campaign fundraiser. If Locke needs something (you know, like to become alive again), Jacob and the Island seem to be there, ready to help out.

Check out that final scene of "Dead is Dead," when the Monster takes the form of Alex, and tells Ben that he must follow Locke no matter what. Try any funny business, Monster Alex says, and you're up shit's creek in a very bad way.

And finally, in the latest episode "Follow the Leader," the Island told Locke when to go pull the bullet out of his own leg. Pretty cool, huh?

So what am I getting at here? Well, I'm using all of the evidence (much of it cited above) to propose that, Locke is going to kill Jacob because Jacob wants to die. Sayid told Jack, dying would at least put them out of their misery; perhaps the same is true for Jacob. He has been name-dropped so much, and his authority has been manipulated to fit so many people's agenda, that maybe he is ready to bite the dust. He's used Christian Shephard to guide Locke along on the right path, and now that everything is sorta-kinda back to normal, it would appear that Locke is doing what he was 'asked' to do: help Jacob, by taking the weight off of his shoulders.

In terms of Ben helping, I actually think that he won't follow through on his promise to Monster Alex. And because of that, he may very well be killed. That's what you get for lying to a guard dog made of smoke, Mr. Linus.

There is one factor I simply can't figure out: Richard Alpert. This man is one of the show's biggest mysteries, though he seems to be one of the most loyal of adversaries. The reason I am beginning to doubt him is because of what he said about Locke "becoming a problem" in last week's episode. And of all people, he confided that in Ben. Excuse the internet lingo but..... WTF?! Is he acting as Locke's advisor to gain political control of the Island himself, or does he suddenly recognize Locke as a man who the past laws don't apply to? Is he a stable ally, simply thrown off because Locke is acting quicker and more efficiently than any past leader has?

What are your thoughts?

P.S. I think the Statue is either Richard or Jacob.

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