Not all blog posts have to be serious, right? Good, because this one isn't.

Jacob's Mama started a blog post a week or so ago that mentioned that Charlotte Staples Lewis is an anagram for "Walt steals helicopters," among other things. She also quipped that DHARMA could be rearranged to spell "H Drama," which could be taken as a reference to Jughead. Obviously, she was kidding... in fact, her topic was titled "Just Joking."

I played along and brought up a few of my own:

Did you know that Charles Widmore is an anagram for "reclaims whored." And isn't Widmore trying to reclaim the horde of Hostiles he used to lead? You're welcome.

Other anagrams included:

WARM CEO SHIELD (he's a CEO, but where did he get the shield, and why is it warm? Is it going to be used to thaw the Frozen Donkey Wheel? :) )

DIE RACHELS WORM (Who is Rachel? And what does Widmore have against her pet worm?)

So, I'd like to see what joke anagrams YOU guys can come up with. Let your creativity run wild. And even if the anagram isn't a joke, if you find one that's extremely interesting, post it too.

DISCLAIMER: BarSerrano claims this was his idea. So there you have it. :)

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