Chances are, if you're reading this blog post, you've seen nearly every episode of LOST up until now. So of course, when I talk about the scene where Kate finds Ghost Claire sitting next to Aaron's bed, I'm sure you know which scene I'm referring to. If you'll recall, Claire specifically says, "Don't you dare bring him back." And immediately, we can assume that 'him' refers to Aaron. However, because it wasn't specified, it comes into question: who is 'him?'

Recall also an earlier scene, when Hurley tells Jack that he's "not supposed to raise him". Again, it's assumed the 'him' is Aaron. But I have a sneaking suspicion that the Him they are both referring to is John Locke. After all, he was brought back (in a coffin) and raised (from the dead).

But the question now is, if the 'him' is Locke, why would Claire not want John to come back to the Island? It's obvious that he is held in high regard by the Island, and that Jacob felt comfortable enough with him to whisper 'Help me.' But now, with Locke's intentions on killing Jacob clear, maybe the hierarchy on the Island is out of whack. I had a theory that Jacob wanted to die, to be put out of his misery, and that the knife-wielding bald boarhunter would be the one to do the deed. I wonder, though, if maybe Jacob doesn't want to die? Or better yet, maybe HE does, but Christian and Claire don't want him to...

I know that this is a very muddled topic, but I think, with only hours to go before "The Incident" airs in the U.S., its a topic worth reviewing. Post your thoughts, comments and concerns.

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