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    Season 6 Opening

    June 16, 2009 by Dr. McPhearson

    There have been so many discussions and blog posts about what the opening to Season 6 will be, but they always seem to careen off into theoriticals and episode recaps. Instead, I thought I'd create this blog post for the simple purpose of hearing what you think should be the opening scene for the Season 6 premiere.

    Some of you will say Black Rock. Some will say Jacob in the fire pit. Whatever it is, don't be ashamed to speak up.

    For me, this is what I think it will be:

    (1) We see Jacob's Nemesis turn into the Smoke Monster, etc.

    (2) A man sits in the top of a tree. He sighs, as he finishes writing a note on the 20 dollar bill he has with him. He sticks it in his wallet, which he puts back into his pocket before climbing out of the tree. He gra…

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  • Dr. McPhearson

    Okay. Looking at the finale, we now know that Ilana, Bram, and the rest of the 316 crew are allies with Jacob. This also rings true for Alpert, who Ilana seemed very happy to finally find. And where ever Alpert goes, the Others are soon to follow. So, in other words, if everyone is on the now-dead Jacob's side, who does Flocke have on his team? Ben seems willing to do his bidding, but whom else? Could it be the 815 Losties? Probably not. Jacob picked them out for specific reasons, and we can only assume that they will hook up with Alpert and Ilana to join forces.

    What are your thoughts? Jacob's team seems to be growing, while his Enemy has very few allies to speak of.

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  • Dr. McPhearson

    In Season 3, Episode 13 "The Man from Tallahassee," Ben presents Locke with a metaphor, saying that there is a Magic Box on the Island. And whatever you want or imagine, Ben says, will be inside the box when you open it. So of course when Locke sees his evil father Anthony Cooper tied up inside of an Other containment cell, Ben says that Locke must have wanted him there.

    But just how did Anthony Cooper make it to the Island? If the Magic Box is not a physical thing, then how can one explain someone off-Island transporting on-Island in the blink of an eye?

    I think the only clue we really comes from the words of Anthony Cooper himself, tied up in the Brig with Sawyer standing in front of him.

    SAWYER: How did you get here? To the Island?

    COOPER: Is…

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  • Dr. McPhearson


    Alright, let's be honest. None of us really know anything concrete when it comes to discussing that already-infamous opening scene. In particular, Jacob's enemy is a character who we know so little about, it isn't even funny. We have no name, no motivation... just a few lines of dialogue and a black shirt. How about that? Nothing like another mystery to add to the heap that Darlton has burdened (or granted) us with. However, this leaves a whole lot of room for speculation. That is why, through this series titled Jacob's Enemy, I will discuss the ins-and-outs of what I believe the nemesis of the Island's leader is and stands for. And for the record, you might find me calling him Esau, Enemy, Man #2, or Man in Black. Doesn't real…

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  • Dr. McPhearson

    Chances are, if you're reading this blog post, you've seen nearly every episode of LOST up until now. So of course, when I talk about the scene where Kate finds Ghost Claire sitting next to Aaron's bed, I'm sure you know which scene I'm referring to. If you'll recall, Claire specifically says, "Don't you dare bring him back." And immediately, we can assume that 'him' refers to Aaron. However, because it wasn't specified, it comes into question: who is 'him?'

    Recall also an earlier scene, when Hurley tells Jack that he's "not supposed to raise him". Again, it's assumed the 'him' is Aaron. But I have a sneaking suspicion that the Him they are both referring to is John Locke. After all, he was brought back (in a coffin) and raised (from the de…

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