“Dude, do you speak Latin?”

Hurley wiped dust and dirt off the sides of the book, just barely making out the title. It was very large and rather old. Worn from age and not from use, the green spine was still intact.

“Yes, why?” Ben asked, turning to face the new Protector.

“What does this say?”

Hurley walked over, looking around the room as he did so. “This place gives me a strange feeling...” he muttered, looking from one hieroglyph to another.

“Historia Insulae. The History of the Island,” Ben read.

Wiping some more dust off the book, he immediately knew something was out of place. A familiar octagonal logo lay embedded on the side, the word DHARMA confidently fixed in the center.

“Hugo, this is a DHARMA book,” the former Initiative member said with detectable confusion.

“Didn’t you say that Island dude lived here?” Hurley replied.

“Yes, Jacob lived here,” Ben confirmed, remembering the unfortunate events that transpired the last time he had been in this ancient place.

“Maybe he found it and brought it in here, after all the DHARMA dudes died,” Hurley theorized, taking the book back.

“Perhaps,” Ben replied, noting the age of the book and its position among the other objects. Something about it made it seem to be older than the DHARMA Initiative. “But we – the ‘Hostiles’ – rarely interacted with them, and we were definitely more sociable than Jacob,” Ben added.

“Dude, this Statue really creeps me out,” Hugo reaffirmed. A giant foot rested on top of them, a testament to the precocious architectural ability of the Egyptians. Neither Hurley nor Ben had ever seen the Statue as a whole, but with a view of the gargantuan foot and a few murals describing its construction, both could easily imagine the long-destroyed figure in its entirety.

Ben retrieved the book again. “Historia Insulae,” he thought out loud. How could the DHARMA Initiative even compile this? What interested them in the past of this unique Island? And why was this book in the base of an Egyptian statue?

But none of that mattered. He still had yet to open it—he was sure he would find answers. Leaving the base of the ancient Statue, Ben turned one page and read aloud:





The title only further confused Ben as he carefully perused the ancient text. Below the heading lay an even more peculiar feature. As a young member of the scientific organization, and a lasting resident of the Island, he had seen practically every octadic logo the Initiative placed on its property, from the towering wave of the Tempest logo to the pentagrammatic star situated at the center of the Security logo. The icon printed on this journal, however, was unlike any other…

At the center lay a clock, its central hand collet replaced by the spiral design of the Orchid logo. Piecing together the clock’s obvious representation of time and the Orchid station’s attempted study of this fourth-dimensional realm, Ben immediately gathered how the Initiative assembled this book.

“I don’t recognise this logo,” Hurley confessed as he sat in the sand next to Ben.

“This is the logo for perhaps the most ambitious of the Initiative’s projects, Hugo,” the Other said in reply. “It’s for time travel.”

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