• Dr. Halliwax

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    “That’s not new,” Hurley said. “This Island…is like something out of science fiction,” he added, turning around and looking at the insular hills past the crumbling statue.

    “But when you time-traveled, it was by accident,” Ben noted. “I turned the wheel, yes – but I didn’t mean to send everyone on this rock randomly back and forth. They” – Ben raised the book – “controlled it. I always thought this was a failure. They never seemed to know what they were doing here.”

    “Well, they seem to have managed it,” Hurley said.

    “Yes,” Ben replied, weakly. Searching in his pocket for his reading glasses, he turned the first page of Historia Insulae. He read aloud the first, carefully-worded, handwritten entry.

    Heimdall, western coast, 22 Augu…

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  • Dr. Halliwax

    “Dude, do you speak Latin?”

    Hurley wiped dust and dirt off the sides of the book, just barely making out the title. It was very large and rather old. Worn from age and not from use, the green spine was still intact.

    “Yes, why?” Ben asked, turning to face the new Protector.

    “What does this say?”

    Hurley walked over, looking around the room as he did so. “This place gives me a strange feeling...” he muttered, looking from one hieroglyph to another.

    “Historia Insulae. The History of the Island,” Ben read.

    Wiping some more dust off the book, he immediately knew something was out of place. A familiar octagonal logo lay embedded on the side, the word DHARMA confidently fixed in the center.

    “Hugo, this is a DHARMA book,” the former Initiative member said…

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