Daniel Faraday was selected by Matthew Abaddon and Charles Widmore to go to the Island. His research was funded by Widmore. His mother is Eloise Hawking. He's been on the Island in the 1970's during the beginning of the DHARMA Initiative, likely a result of time travel. If you watch the 2008 Comic Con video where Pierre Chang addresses the future, we hear a voice from off camera that is very likely Faraday's.

In short, Daniel knows a lot about the Island and is deeply wrapped up in the central mysteries of the show. His mother was an Other, so it's likely he knows even more than has been let on thus far. What does Faraday know about Widmore and the coming War? He may shape up to be a central character in the endgame. But I'm curious as to what he knows about the man that selected him to travel to the Island, who funded his research, and what he knows about that man's rival, Ben Linus, and the coming war between the two.

What's motivating Faraday to get involved in all this? Does he even know what he's wrapped up in? Is he just a scientist trying to unlock the mysteries of time travel and a special island where such a thing is possible? Or is there something more going on given his relationship to the Others via Eloise?


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