Hi I'm a long time watcher of the show, first time contributor to this blog. Has anyone posited the theory that the island is some kind of meteor that crashed into earth? Maybe the thing that killed off the dinosaurs? and brought with it it's own life forms? The whole show is obsessed with offering explanations or flirting with long held conspiracy theories. The Bermuda triangle. Egyptians being helped by extra terrestrials, and all other ancient yet sophisticated civilisations that died out. The fountain of eternal youth. Ghosts. The Collossus of Rhodes. Secret societies. Ghost ships, etc etc. You name it the show has referenced it. Might explain why there are so many "foreign" attributes to the island, and why it's not tethered to our space/time. I also wondered if the black rock ended up 5 miles inland because the island was submerged at the time it sailed over it. The island resurfaces. Viola!!

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