Before yelling at me in anger, listen to me.

What I mean is: I have a strange feeling. A feeling about how our fav show is indeed a fail. It created a mythical story for sure, and certainly the originality of the storyline is something no one can discuss or deny. Lost started a very new thread in tv production and I'm sure it will be taken as a source for many series in the future.
It seems to me that there's one other side of this medal who really set me upset. I'll try to explain in a few points:

  • Ratings. They were high at the beginning, then they started to decrease and now we have a mediocre, poor weekly standard.
  • Commercial items. I know ABC Lost Shop does not sell very much. This is also confirmed by the fact that almost no-one around wears Lost t-shirts, drinks from Lost mugs and so on.
  • Show Listings. Less episodes in the last three season, with a very hard moment during The Strike, barely overcame by the show
  • Awards. Lost won a very few numbers of prizes and awards. A couple of Emmy, some minor reward... and now the show is overreached every single year by series like The Sopranos of similar crap (very own personal idea, don't beat the point, please, this is not the meaning of this post.)
  • Actors and Characters.

    If we compare the impact Lost has with the impact that other mythical shows had, it seems to me that Lost... loses every times. Think about the global community X-Files created. X-Files started a new way to make a show. Everybody knows it, there were lots of related discussions everywhere, poster, games... now if I ask someone about Lost (not only an old man, but also a young one or a same-age one) it's likely for me to expect that he does not even know what Lost is. (but I really knows what House, Heroes are).
    X-Files action figures are still selling a-lot. Lost action figures were put off market after first series because it didn't sell almost nothing. X-Files game were great. Lost Via Domus was a boring fail. I know: maybe I'm generalizing too much, but... you tell me.
    Anyone of you has the feeling that the 'great' myth about Lost is limited to a very small guild of people? Really, I still will consider Lost the best show ever.

    Now, if you'd like to, you can yell at me in anger (also for my poor "2004 Jin's like" english)

    Michael fail-by-taylor

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