Hi there guys! This is not a theory, this is a hope, born while wondering about the Series (not Season) Finale. I realized that there's an high possibility that the Series Finale will be a kind of "Happy Ending", whit an atmosphere Giacchino concert music as a base for scenes which show about all the main characters back on their lifes, and then a final shot of the ocean, or an airport, or an happy jackface or something. BUT. I would be so much satisfied if the last shot was a REAL Cliffhanger, showing something nobody expected, done even more heavy by the fact you know there's no more episodes to explain that... and that your only hope to understand is... have understood the show. Still I wonder how GREAT would be if the Series Finale was centered around the solving of the last missing pieces, and at the end everyone (characters and viewers) are happy. The show's almost finished... BUT! ...Vincent gets off the jungle handling something in his mouth and all is suddenly back again in mystery...

What do you think? What do you hope?

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