Season 6 poster - post your forecast!

I've just seen Richard Malkin as a russian president in 24 and I suddenly started wondering: what we're going to see in the Season 6 Poster? (OK, I know that the s6 poster is totally unrelated to Malkin, but I just wanted wedhe it somehow :-)

In the season 1 poster, they presented the characters. Simple and easy.
In the season 2 poster, they introduced The Others, and the threat they rapresented. Perfect, it fit perfectly with the season.
In the season 3 one, they merely re-presented us the characters... this is the exception.
One year later, in the season 4 poster, they split the image vertically in two, with the city of the flashforwarded future mirroring in the water of the 'present' Island. Another great catch.
Season 5 poster: another split, this time horizontally. Some people's on The Island, some people in the city.

What could be the image for the season 6?

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