I was just watching my new wallpaper (the Season 6 Teaser Poster) and I have a doubt.... who's the fourth left?

Immagine sds1

I mean (from left to right):

01. Daniel
02. Boone
03. Miles
04. ??? (A grown Walt?) !!!
05. Ana
06. Loving Charlotte
07. Shannon
08. Desmondo
09. Eko
10. Ka*e (I censored this bad word so the kids can read this post too)
11. Jack
12. Sawyer\James\LaFleur
13. Locke\Black Guy\Perfidus\Esau\Human Smokey\The Loophole Previously Known as Locke
14. Ben
15. Sayid
16. Libby
17\18. Godzilla friends
19. Claire
20. Hugo
21. Juliet "I change my mind 108 times in a row only because it's my period" Burke
22. Charlie (Pace or Hume? LOL)
23. Frank "the Candidate" Lapidus
24. Ricardus
25\26. Crusoe and Friday...EHM... Bernard and Rose.

So, number 4?!? In the Comic Con Banner that figure was different! And it's seems to me now that is a black guy... oh it seems so Walt to me...

(sorry for the big image)

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