Just a little thought about Rose behaviour

Did you ever notice Rose, at the beginning of episode 1x01 Pilot (part. I)? Here's a pic:

She's in tears, crying and trembling in fear, whilst kissing Bernard's wedding ring. Very different compared to the steamy, confident, self-assured Rose we know, certain that her husband was alive.
So, I mean: is it possible that something happened to her (A time-travelling Bernard, skipping in time from december 2004 to september 2004?) beetween this very moment and the day after? Unlikely, maybe... but possible?

I know, I know: I could\should have post this in the Rewatch-section of the Forum. I did it. Only it sees to me that a forum it's not the best place to discuss a thing like Lost. Too much theory, too much people. Little (or no) space for being listened at all. Hope you don't mind ^_^

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