Hi there, this is my first post here!

Only thinking about a minor occurrence from "There's no Place like Home Part 2&3". John Locke became leader of The Others. Fancy and respected welcome by Richard and the others Others. Happiness and Satisfation in John's eyes. John and Richard finally sit down to talk and... PUFF! The Island moved and disappeared (and so Locke).

Now, what I was thinking about is: i) Richard was able to tell John anything important about the Nature of The Island, during that 4 minutes John was in charge? And ii) Who has been appointed leader after him?

Here's the List of the Known Leaders of the Others from ?? to 1960 (about) - RICHARD (JACOB?); from 1960 (about) to - 1995 (about) CHARLES WIDMORE; from 1995 (about) to December, 30th 2004 (12:00) - BENJAMIN LINUS; from December, 30th 2004 (12:00) to December, 30th 2004 (12:04) - JOHN LOCKE; now - ???

Any thoughts?

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