Just a quick thought. Don't you think "Previously on Lost"-introduction are so useless and harmful?
I mean: I KNOW what happened previously. I'm like an italian Gregg Nations, there's no need for you to remember me what I just know well... given the fact that when there's a character returning after some time... well, they put him or her in the Previously and the surprise-moment is fucked up.

Ok. Not everybody knows everything, remembers anything and so on, but.... LOST is not HEROES! You can't watch Lost as you watch Heroes, and if don't remember how Ando got his power or who kissed Claire in the second season there's no problem. In Lost you MUST remember central-topic facts... that is, the facts they put in the previously...

Sorry for the usual poor engRish and grammar, but I had this thought (demon) and I had to extract it!


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