ok well after watching Dr Linus again, I thought about what Ilana said when she said theres only 6 candidates left. I automatically assumed she meant the numbers - 4 8 15 16 23 42 but then I remembered Locke is dead so my question is who is the 6th candidate?

Is it meant to be Kate as we saw her name in the lighthouse? or is it meant to be someone else?

My personal theory is that the last candidate is Bernard because Jacob (most likely) healed Rose just to keep Bernard there because we saw Bernard trying to leave the island in S.O.S. but the only reason he stayed was because Rose basically said she would die if they left. Was Jacob just healing Rose to keep him there?

Also it seems like Nadler isn't on the wall in the cliffside cave and I think that's because Jacob knew the MIB would read the names in that cave so he kept it a secret almost as an 'if all else fails' kind of plan.

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