Ok so in The Package when Sun and Jin were checking in at the hotel, Sun checked in as Paik and Jin specifically checked in as Kwon. A sign or maybe just a red herring?

Now I know theres been a bit of arguement about who the 'Kwon' candidate is; some people say Sun, some say Jin and some say both. I personally really think it's Jin.

I think it's Jin because all of the miracles on the island were for an important purpose: Locke walking - MIB needed Locke for his loophole. Rose's cancer being cured - Jacob needs Bernard on the island as his back up plan. Jin surviving the freighter explosion.

At the time I was really shocked that Jin died but I thought it was a really good plot point but then when he came back in season 5 (no matter how much I like his character) I felt kind of cheated and I thought it was pretty poor writing considering LOST's standards. But now that we know the candidates can't die it makes perfect sense.

I dont know maybe I'm just rambling but what do you think?

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