ok, so when Widmore was talking about 'The Package' it seemed to me like that was his way of 'beating' the MIB but then when we found out it was Desmond I just kind of thought "how in the hell is Desmond going to beat the MIB?" but now after watching last nights episode (Happily Ever After) I now think Widmore is going to try and send the MIB to the other timeline.

I think this might happen because I've pretty much come to the conclusion that the MIB is inkillable. I used to think that Jacob and the MIB were pretty much equal when it came to strength but after rewatching Ab Aeterno again a couple of times it seems like Jacob is almost like a sort of 'gatekeeper' and the MIB is the 'devil'.

Now Jacob basically dedicated his life to keeping the 'devil' on the island and he would do everything he could to make sure he doesn't leave e.g. setting up heaps of future 'gatekeepers' in case something happened to him because Jacob was not invincible.

Now throughout this whole season it seems like the are building to this huge finale where they once and for all kill the MIB but maybe they cant kill him, so maybe Widmore is going to 'lure' him (possibly using Desmond as bait) onto one of the pockets of electromagnetism on the island (I think its the volcano BTW) and then do some 'science thingy' (I have no idea what this could be) to send the MIB into the other timeline/universe to finally trap him there forever.

Now I thought to myself "thats really selfish because he'll kill all those FST people" but (now this is the kinda confusing part) it wont matter because that timeline doesn't exist for the people in the OT. For example: The Jack on the island doesn't have some parellel Jack still in Los Angeles in 2004 in some parellel universe. Depending on which timeline you think is 'real' the other doesn't exist. We as the viewers are seeing both.

Anyway I don't know if anyone would read this far but if you do tell me what you think. (The 4th little paragraph needs some help with ideas)

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