• Dooshman23

    ok, so when Widmore was talking about 'The Package' it seemed to me like that was his way of 'beating' the MIB but then when we found out it was Desmond I just kind of thought "how in the hell is Desmond going to beat the MIB?" but now after watching last nights episode (Happily Ever After) I now think Widmore is going to try and send the MIB to the other timeline.

    I think this might happen because I've pretty much come to the conclusion that the MIB is inkillable. I used to think that Jacob and the MIB were pretty much equal when it came to strength but after rewatching Ab Aeterno again a couple of times it seems like Jacob is almost like a sort of 'gatekeeper' and the MIB is the 'devil'.

    Now Jacob basically dedicated his life to keeping th…

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  • Dooshman23

    Ok so in The Package when Sun and Jin were checking in at the hotel, Sun checked in as Paik and Jin specifically checked in as Kwon. A sign or maybe just a red herring?

    Now I know theres been a bit of arguement about who the 'Kwon' candidate is; some people say Sun, some say Jin and some say both. I personally really think it's Jin.

    I think it's Jin because all of the miracles on the island were for an important purpose: Locke walking - MIB needed Locke for his loophole. Rose's cancer being cured - Jacob needs Bernard on the island as his back up plan. Jin surviving the freighter explosion.

    At the time I was really shocked that Jin died but I thought it was a really good plot point but then when he came back in season 5 (no matter how much…

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  • Dooshman23

    ok well after watching Dr Linus again, I thought about what Ilana said when she said theres only 6 candidates left. I automatically assumed she meant the numbers - 4 8 15 16 23 42 but then I remembered Locke is dead so my question is who is the 6th candidate?

    Is it meant to be Kate as we saw her name in the lighthouse? or is it meant to be someone else?

    My personal theory is that the last candidate is Bernard because Jacob (most likely) healed Rose just to keep Bernard there because we saw Bernard trying to leave the island in S.O.S. but the only reason he stayed was because Rose basically said she would die if they left. Was Jacob just healing Rose to keep him there?

    Also it seems like Nadler isn't on the wall in the cliffside cave and I thi…

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