been off this site for a while. just got back on a few weeks ago and spent those weeks looking up blogs i thought were good and i have to say there were some great blogs and alot of not so much ones. good to see u2 and cel still posting. hope to contribute half as well as those two. so i did the annual rewatch of all the lost seasons and doing some research on the web looking up things that pertain to lost mythology and scientific aspect of lost. this search (along with the books of lost and the ones that lost acknowledges and the magazines) took me for a ride of better understanding into most aspects of lost. like looking up taweret and all the stories of her and many many other egyptian gods and dieties. also looking up electromagnatism, timetravel, alternate universes, underworld, dopplegangers, fate, and from all these there were many more. and with all this knowledge a buddie(hatch-et) and i were able to come up with multiple theories to the show but based on all the info wiki had to offer. to put these thoeries on this website to me would feel like a spoiler so instead do the rewatch thing along with the wiki search of the topics and remember with great knowledge comes greater responsibility. there is something along the way of this search that i should share. the stand has a badas* comic thats been out for a while now and also that s. king ahs a new book out "under the dome" with a crashed plane, a whole town and a dog inside a dome on the cover. bear in mind that searched each topic for a good amount of time.--Dontshootitsme 15:23, December 5, 2009 (UTC)

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