the wheel looks like a wheel from a ship (possible from the black rock) and when moved about a half turn moves the island (to another location and not in time) while the people not taken to the temple (my best guess) move through time on the island. a lot of whys and hows for all this but the one how that gets me is how does the nemesis (in the form of christian i believe) know of it. and the best guess i could think of is charlotte. she died when there was no orchid and the stature was whole and the well was not caved in yet. so the nemesis could have found this dead woman and read her mind (like how miles can) and found out all the stuff she knows. but how could the nemesis appear in the cave with locke at the same time that charlotte was still alive? the only way for that to make sense would be if the nemesis time traveled with them as well( in the form of christian). i strongly believe the nemesis has his hands in everything on the island with the dharma people and the others black smoke monster and time travel as well. i dont write many blogs but i do post comments alot and i havent seen many blogs on this since the incident. if there are blogs on this they are forgotten about and the newer blogs get all the comments. when i get on lostpedia i go to see what blogs have been commented on recently and go from there. we shold all repost some of the older blogs and get fresher opinions on them since most were posted before the incident. also i believe the rest of the statue is in or around the temple because where else would it be for us to see and marval at. it would make sense that after the statue went down the others instead of trying to rebuild it just brought it to the temple. my first blog since i was hatch-et.

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