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May 16, 2009
  • Dontshootitsme

    been off this site for a while. just got back on a few weeks ago and spent those weeks looking up blogs i thought were good and i have to say there were some great blogs and alot of not so much ones. good to see u2 and cel still posting. hope to contribute half as well as those two. so i did the annual rewatch of all the lost seasons and doing some research on the web looking up things that pertain to lost mythology and scientific aspect of lost. this search (along with the books of lost and the ones that lost acknowledges and the magazines) took me for a ride of better understanding into most aspects of lost. like looking up taweret and all the stories of her and many many other egyptian gods and dieties. also looking up electromagnatism,…

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  • Dontshootitsme

    the wheel looks like a wheel from a ship (possible from the black rock) and when moved about a half turn moves the island (to another location and not in time) while the people not taken to the temple (my best guess) move through time on the island. a lot of whys and hows for all this but the one how that gets me is how does the nemesis (in the form of christian i believe) know of it. and the best guess i could think of is charlotte. she died when there was no orchid and the stature was whole and the well was not caved in yet. so the nemesis could have found this dead woman and read her mind (like how miles can) and found out all the stuff she knows. but how could the nemesis appear in the cave with locke at the same time that charlotte wa…

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  • Dontshootitsme

    remember this

    May 16, 2009 by Dontshootitsme

    ok now when you read this it should blow your mind and put it to rest at the same time. remember when john pulls the donkey wheel and gets transported to the future to convince the o6 to return. he visits Walt and walt says to him that hes been having dreams about john where john is on a beach and wearing a suit, and there were people trying to hurt him. this was a blog a while ago and i posted a comment that it was refering to the incident with ceasar getting shot. NOW i truly believe that walt was seeing the real john on the beach meaning that it has yet to happen and john might come back to life. if not then walt was seeing the apparation of john and the ceasar incident. but if not then somehow/someway john would come to life then and g…

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