Here's my episode. I don't think it's very good, but I was just having fun. Please tell me if you like it, cause there's more coming!! I wrote it kind of like a script:

FIRST SCENE: Camera pans beach as names appear in corners of the screen. Huey walks up to plane wreckage. There are people walking around doing things, or sitting around talking. Taylor is sitting alone watching the waves. Huey walks up to Taylor. She looks up and smiles.


Huey doesn’t answer, but sits down next to her.

TAYLOR: What’s up?

HUEY: ...have you seen Nichole lately?

Taylor frowns.

TAYLOR: ...She went with Dustin and Eric to find Freddy.

Huey scowls and gets up to leave.

TAYLOR: Are you gonna find them?

Taylor gets up. Huey walks quickly away saying,

HUEY: You can’t come, Taylor.

Camera shows close up of Taylor staring after Huey.


Dustin Eric and Nichole are trudging through the jungle in the really hard rain. They have to yell to talk to each other because the rain is so loud. Dustin is first, then Nichole, then Eric.

DUSTIN: He should be here - any minute!

NICHOLE: That’s what you said an hour ago!

They trudge on. Dustin stops for a minute and looks around, then continues walking.

ERIC: Are we there yet?!?!?!

They all stop. Dustin looks around at Nichole and Eric. Then back ahead of him

DUSTIN: ...I lost the trail.

ERIC: You WHAT?!!?!!

Dustin looks back at them.

DUSTIN: ...I lost the trail.

Eric walks up to Dustin and yells.

ERIC: You lost the trail??!!?! You told us you had it!!!! I believed you!!!!!

Eric pushes Dustin in the chest.

ERIC: Now we’re all gonna be killed and it’s all your fault!!!!

DUSTIN: And how am I supposed to find it in the rain?!?

ERIC: I dunno!!! You’re the expert!!!!

DUSTIN: So you’re putting all your trust in me to do everything??? Why don’t you try to track him for once????

ERIC: I don’t know how to track!!!! You were supposed to get us out of this!!!!!!

Eric pushes Dustin again, this time harder.

DUSTIN: Yeah? So why’d you come anyway??? You don’t give a rats butt about Freddy!!!!!

Dustin pushes Eric hard, and Eric stumbles backward, but doesn’t fall. Nichole steps in between Eric and Dustin.

NICHOLE: Hey!!!!! This isn’t helping!!!!

Nichole walks a little ahead of them and starts looking for the trail. Eric gives Dustin a nasty look. Dustin returns it. Nichole keeps walking, so Eric and Dustin follow.

ERIC: Lettin’ the girl take the lead?

Eric pushes Dustin, Dustin immediately pushes back.

DUSTIN: Well I couldn’t let you, could I??

Eric grabs front of Dustin’s shirt, Dustin grabs Eric’s wrist, and they both ready their fists. JUST before they punch each other, there is a LOUD smoke monster sound. Everyone looks around. Sudden loud SM noise REAL CLOSE and tree is pulled up right next to them. They run. They are running for their lives, and jungle clears a little. More mud. Eric is first, he runs faster. Then Nichole then Dustin. The rain suddenly stops.

ERIC: That could’ve happened earlier!!!!!!

They run through more mud. Dustin slips and falls. Eric notices but keeps running. Nichole goes back for Dustin. They just barely get into a patch of those tall reedy things in time.

Nichole: (breathing hard, whispers) ...Where- where’s Eric?

Dustin doesn’t answer. Lots of SM sounds outside. Then SM comes up to reeds. Dustin and Nichole stiffen and hold their breaths. Smoke monster lingers there for a minute, then suddenly leaves. Dustin and Nichole relax and breathe again. Nichole drops her forehead onto Dustin’s shoulder. They come out of reeds and look around. Nichole looks to their right, then gasps and looks away. Dustin looks. There is a gory gummed mangled body lying in the mud. CU of Dustin as he sighs.


It is cold out. Three goons cornered Dustin on the corner of a sidewalk, and are trying to rob him. Dustin pushes one against the wall and tries to run, but another punches Dustin in the stomach. ERIC runs up to them and punches two of the goons. Dustin punches another, but another punches him, then pushes Eric into the road. Eric gets up, but there are LOUD tire screeches and ERIC IS HIT BY CAR.


Don't Drink Lockes Koolaid 23:22, October 14, 2010 (UTC)

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