• Don't Drink Lockes Koolaid

    Here's my episode. I don't think it's very good, but I was just having fun. Please tell me if you like it, cause there's more coming!! I wrote it kind of like a script:

    FIRST SCENE: Camera pans beach as names appear in corners of the screen. Huey walks up to plane wreckage. There are people walking around doing things, or sitting around talking. Taylor is sitting alone watching the waves. Huey walks up to Taylor. She looks up and smiles.

    TAYLOR: Hey,

    Huey doesn’t answer, but sits down next to her.

    TAYLOR: What’s up?

    HUEY: ...have you seen Nichole lately?

    Taylor frowns.

    TAYLOR: ...She went with Dustin and Eric to find Freddy.

    Huey scowls and gets up to leave.

    TAYLOR: Are you gonna find them?

    Taylor gets up. Huey walks quickly away saying,

    HUEY: You c…

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