What if there was an entire civilization living on the Island a long time ago. I don't mean the 50's and I dont mean the 1800's. I mean a couple thousand years ago. And either Jacob and MIB are their leaders (Jacob is the leader and MIB is like a runner up or Jacob and MIB are co-leaders) or the entire civilization died off and and Jacob and MIB are the only ones left. I think this civilization is made up of immortal people or "special" people. They could live at the Temple (protected from time travel and other people and protected BY the smoke monster) and have healing powers and can heal others. Someone said dying is the inability to heal yourself. That would explain why Jacob and MIB never age and how Ben was healed. And Jacob (or MIB but I highly doubt it was him) healed Richard and made him ageless. But in order for him to be ageless he would have to become Jacobs adviser. As for the others, like I said they could be living in the Temple. If you ask me its a pretty good theory but I want your thoughts.

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