Jacobs Nemesis' Name Poll Results

Two days ago I made a post (but you already knew that). I was extremely surprised! 41 editors! Thats great thanks guys. Anyway lets get to the results. I was pretty surprised with them.

     First Place: MIB with 12
     Second Place: Nemesis with 6
     Third Place: I put Flocke, Un-Locke, and Mocke together for 5
     Fourth is Esau with 3.

I did this next part differently. These all got one but I'm putting them in two categories.

     Anything relating to Locke or Jacob (except Flocke, Un-Locke, or Mocke): Jeremy Bentham, John, Anti-Jacob, and Fakob  for a total of 4. 
     And finally the random names: Dick, Sean, Max, Samuel, Herman, Edward, Dave, Billie Jean, Nathaniel, and my favorite Harry Johnson for a total of 10. These weren't really random...well most of them weren't but they just fit into this category.

I think the poll turned out very well but I want your opinion. I'll probably do another one but I need some time to think of one as good as this one. Tell me what you think, what I should do, and what I could do to make this one, the next one, or the results better.

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