OK. Week long ban is OVA!!!! Anyway, back to business. When I was banned I had some...A LOT of time to think. I thought mostly of Jacobs "Nemesis". I know this isn't the best theory but what if Jacobs "Nemesis" isn't really his nemesis. What if he's his bodyguard. Killing him would be against "The Rules". The Smoke Monster or "The Judge of the Island" would not like that very much and probably kill him. Now another theory. You guys know how Jacob revived Locke when he fell eight story's to the ground. Well you guys know what lies in the shadow of the statue (I'm not sure if the answer is considered a spoiler so I wont say it). What if Nemesis killed Jacob to stop him from reviving Locke again becxause Locke is the answer to what lies in the shadow of the statue. Just a few ideas. Tell me what you think.

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