I was reviewing the season 5 finale and pardon my french but I think it kind of sucked. Not in a bad way I just think it kind of answered all the good questions and left two good cliffhangers. The first season we had the hatch, which was a great cliffhanger, and Walt getting taken and what happened to the people on the raft. Season two we had the hatch implosion and the gang getting taken by the Others (and Walt and Michael but that wasnt a huge cliffhanger). Season 3 we had the losties calling the freighter, Penny getting the call from those weird Portuguese dudes, and the flash-forward scene. Season 4 we had John Locke in the coffin, the Island disappearing, and the freighter blowing up. Season 5 all we get is Juliet hitting the bomb with the rock. Theres still smaller cliffhangers like did Jacks plan work and the whole Nemesis thing but...hmmm I guess what I'm trying to say is they almost answered too many questions. Now I know what you guys think. This sounds like I'm dissing LOST but it sounds worse on paper (or type in this situation). Tell me what your favorite finales were. I can't wait till season 6. 55 days.

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