Out of all the characters that have died (i.e. Shannon, Boone, Libby, Eko, Ana Lucia, Charlie, Michael, Tom, Pickett, Mikhail, etc, etc,) which would you want to see come back (alive or dead) and be on an episode? I would most like to see a Charlie cameo, and it is my personal opinion (not influenced by spoilers because I am against reading them) that we will see Charlie again when we get the backstory of why Hurley was on Ajira Airways Flight 316, due to the fact Hurley was carrying a guitar case. So far the unexpected appearances by old characters that we have seen so far this season (younger Rousseau in the "Little Prince", Matthew Abaddon and Walt Lloyd in "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham", Ana Lucia in "The Lie," Pierre Chang in "Because You Left," Stuart Radzinsky in "Namaste", Ethan Rom in "Because You Left," Eloise Hawking in "The Lie," and others throughout the season have been extremely interesting and effective. So who do you want to see again next? I want Charlie!

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