These are my musings about what we can expect to see the rest of the season. These are not spoiler-based, they are simply my predictions.

1) Jack gets closure with his father

Christian Shephard has not yet appeared this season. I find it highly unlikely that we won't see him, or hear about him yet. A lot of apparitions on the Island have been confirmed to be the Man in Black/Monster, but Christian is the biggest one not yet confirmed to be the Man in Black. His actions on the Island seemingly point to him being the Man in Black, or at the very least allied with the Man in Black. I think at some point Jack will find out that the Man in Black can impersonate deceased people, and ask if MIB impersonated his father all the way back in Season 1 when Jack was chasing his father through the jungle and found his coffin. Jack's story can not come to a close without closure from his father's death.

2) We see the other side of the outrigger chase from last season

I feel like we are coming close to seeing the other side of the outrigger chase experienced by the time-traveling survivors during "The Little Prince." Who did Juliet shoot? If it's Sawyer, that would be heartbreaking. But I have a feeling it isn't. Why would Sawyer chase them knowing full well who's in the other outrigger? We'll have to see.

3) Jacob/MIB Backstory

We got a mention of the Man in Black's mother during "Recon." I feel like that during a flashback, hopefully for a MIB or Jacob centric episode, we will meet her and see what kind of an effect she had on MIB. It's my personal opinion that Jacob and MIB are brothers. We should also get an answer as to why the MIB went from a man to a smoke monster. What caused the change? Was Jacob involved in "taking his body" as the MIB claimed to Richard? We shall see.

4) The ancient civilization's origins and story

If we get an episode focusing on Jacob and MIB's backstory, that probably means we'll get some insight into the ancient, seemingly Egyptian, civilization that existed on the Island. Did they build the Statue? The Temple? The Frozen Donkey Wheel? Who were they? What happened to them? I feel that we may see a catastrophic event happened in the ancient times on the Island that changed the game significantly and wiped out the ancient civilization, and was central to the struggle between Jacob and MIB.

5) Widmore and MIB square off

It appears that Widmore and the MIB are on opposing sides, if the MIB is being truthful with Sawyer. What are Widmore's motivations for the Island? I believe he's come to the Island after finding out that Jacob has died, and wants to take out the other powerful force on the Island to have the Island all to himself. He seems greedy that way.

6) Jack becomes the final candidate

A lot of people have theorized that Hurley will become the final candidate and replace Jacob. I think Hurley so far is showing Richard-esque qualities, being the main conduit from Jacob to the other survivors. However, Jack has always been the central character to the story of Lost, whether or not you like him as a character. I firmly believe he will become the final candidate.

7) The end of the war will result in the flash-sideways timeline

I honestly have no idea what will happen in this war, and who will win it. But I don't think the flash-sideways timeline was started by the detonation of Jughead. Think about it. If Jughead caused the Incident, Ben and Roger would be dead in the flash-sideways timeline. So would Pierre Chang (who was mentioned by Miles to be alive and off the Island, working at the museum with Charlotte). So something else caused the timeline to differ, and I believe that the time loop will stop at the end of the war, and reset itself. I don't what that will be, but the loop will reset itself, and a new timeline will emerge, the one we've been seeing so far this season, where Flight 815 never crashed on the Island, and seemingly Jacob had no interaction with the survivors.

That's all I have for now. What do you think?

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