The first scene of this episode was one of the coolest scenes I've ever seen. One of men is Jacob, but who is the other man? The other man is an early form of the Monster. The Monster appears to be controlling Locke in an alternate form to his body, and clearly wants to kill Jacob, which is what the man in the opening scene said to Jacob. The war that is coming that everyone has alluded to is the war between the Monster and Jacob. It appears that the Monster has struck a pretty deadly blow at this point, with Locke convincing Ben to stab and kill Jacob. But is Jacob really dead? He existed in the 1800s (if we can guess that ship is the Black Rock) and somehow knew when to appear to most of the main characters in the story at different points in their lives. Jacob obviously has some powerful forces at his side. I'm still in the camp of "whatever happened, happened" at the end of this episode. The white light we see is the incident occuring with the survivors disappearing, the "deaths" that Richard revealed to Sun. A nuclear bomb dropped hundreds of feet down the Swan hole, and didn't explode, but explodes when Juliet hits it with a rock. There is something fishy about that final scene at the Swan. Also, I believe the Incident occurred no matter what because if Jack and Co. prevented the incident from happening, then they would never go back in time to prevent the Incident from happening, creating a massive paradox. Time would flow just like it should be until the point of the Incident, and then Jack and Co. wouldn't be there to stop it from happening, creating the need for a button, and Desmond's eventual system failure that crashed Flight 815. My guess is that the opening scene of Season 6 will be Flight 815 in the air, then crashing onto the Island like it always did. The season will focus on the ramifications of the two plots. The stories reached their end point. The bomb was detonated, and Ben killed Jacob. But now what happens next because of this? I will not be able to wait this long!!

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