Here's the rewatch review for "Whatever the Case May Be," Kate's second centric and the 12th episode of Season 1. There's honestly not a whole lot going on in this episode, it's never been one of my favorites. Here's what I pulled out of the episode, and how it relates to later parts of the show.

S4x03 DanTripod

A big aspect of the episode is moving the first beach camp up farther away from the advancing tide. Sayid remarks to Jack, "Everything is getting washed out to sea. This can't be normal. The tide shifting so suddenly, rising in so short a time." Jack replies, "There's not a lot normal around here." Unless I'm mistaken, this is the first reference to how time seems to move differently on the Island. From what we've seen so far on the show, the Island seems to exist inside some sort of time bubble, a "bloody snow globe" if you will, where time seems to run differently inside the radius of the Island than the outside world. Daniel Faraday demonstrated this fact during one of his experiments in Season 4. He showed that a missile payload reached the Island 31 minutes later than it should have landed based on when it was launched from the freighter. This time dilation is also shown by the fact that the survivors on the Island feel like the helicopter carrying Sayid and Desmond to the freighter has taken a day to arrive, when the occupants of the helicopter feel like it has only been an hour or so. This episode has one of the first examples of the odd nature of time and how it moves and travels on the Island. It should be noted, however, that there is a more practical reason for why the survivors had to move the beach camp up the shore due to the advancing tide. The fuselage was very cumbersome and expensive to maintain, so they needed a reason to get rid of it. Also, the real life tides in Hawaii threatened to submerge the fuselage set, so the producers wrote these scenes for a real reason.

4x02 chopper N842M

The second beach camp, that gets its start being built in this episode, would become one of the most iconic locations on the show. When most people think of Lost, they think of the survivors interacting at the beach camp. It was very nostalgic to see Ilana's survivor faction come back to the beach camp during Season 6.

Camp dining table 2x16

The episode starts with Kate up in a tree. The on-island narrative of Season 6 would start with Kate up in a tree, having ended up there after the detonation (Did it really detonate? We'll probably never know) of Jughead in 1977. This episode also marks the first appearance of the waterfall, as Kate and Sawyer find the Halliburton case under a dislodged plane seat. The waterfall would show up again as the place where Kate, Jack, and Hurley would flash to in 1977 from Ajira 316.


Kate's flashbacks in this episode are somewhat superfluous; they seem to exist for the mere reveal of Tom Brennan's toy airplane. The plane is one of the last remnants of Kate's tragic relationship with Tom Brennan, who was shot while running away with Kate. Note that the plane was kept in safe deposit box 815, two of the numbers, as well as the same digits as the flight that brought Kate to the Island. We also hear Kate's signature line as she says "My name's not Maggie."

Like most episodes of Season 1, the flashbacks coincide fairly well with the on-island action, as Kate attempts to retrieve Tom's toy airplane in both cases. We also see similar events unfolding on-Island in the various storylines. Sawyer, Kate, and Jack are all trying to unlock the Halliburton case, Locke and Boone are trying to unlock the Hatch door (we can infer that this is what they're doing from their short scene of Boone acquiring the ax) and Sayid and Shannon are trying to unlock the mysteries of Rousseau's maps and notes.


That's about it, guys. Thanks for reading and commenting. Certainly not one of my favorite episodes of Season 1 and the whole series. This was strictly a character development episode, and unfortunately I didn't find Kate's development all that interesting. I suppose it was necessary to have a lighter episode after the intensity that was part of "All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues." Tomorrow, I will be going on vacation, so there will be a lull in rewatch blogs. I will be back for three days (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) so hopefully I can get one or two rewatch blogs out during that period. After that, I will be going back on vacation until Thursday, July 15th, when the rewatch blogs will go back to a more regular schedule. I hope to see everybody who's been following these so far when I get back from vacation. Happy rewatching! I'll see you in another life, brother.


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