Here's the rewatch blog for "Homecoming," Charlie's second centric of Season 1, and one of the worst episodes of Season 1 and the entire series. When asked what was his least favorite episode of the series, Damon passed over the obvious "Stranger in a Strange Land" and chose this episode. What ruined this episode for me was the flashbacks and some of the acting, but nevertheless I will still try to pull things out of this episode just like I've done with all of my other rewatch blogs. These blogs will attempt to document dominant themes, issues, and plotlines as they develop and how they relate to later parts of the show.


A puzzling part of this episode was that I often found Terry O'Quinn's acting, as Locke, unconvincing and flat at times. O'Quinn has often completely stolen the show in terms of acting, especially in Season 6 when he had to portray an entirely different character, The Man in Black, than he had before. Locke's discussion with Boone about Claire seemed overly forced and contrived to me. Watch the scene again, see if can see what I mean. For me, this is one of very few blips on Terry O'Quinn's stellar acting record on Lost.

6x06 MiB's Group

Ethan's death is shown in this episode, in one of the few worthwhile scenes in the episode. To make the scene more dramatic, it is of course raining. Rain is a go-to device for the writers when they want a dramatic scene. Back when I watched Season 1 for the first time, I was angry because I thought we'd never learn about where Ethan came from. Luckily, Ethan appeared in more episodes post-death than pre-death, so we got to learn more about him and The Others. We especially got to learn about the Others during Season 3, as half the season was spent in the Others' polar bear cages.

Ep3x02-Sawyer's Cage

The flashbacks are pretty useless. The only interesting one to me is Charlie's scene selling copiers, because it's mildly amusing. Other than that, the flashbacks don't really fit into the island storyline very well, like so many great Season 1 episodes do. They only really show that Charlie's chances of taking care of Claire well are slim, because of what happened with Lucy. Charlie and Claire's relationship was never quite normal due to Charlie's inability to be entirely honest with Claire (mainly concerning the heroin), and his following his weird dreams in Season 2 about Aaron, which led to him "kidnapping" Aaron to try and baptize him.

Normal fire-h2o-03

It's interesting how Charlie's centrics alternate between really amazing episodes and really week episodes. "The Moth" and "Greatest Hits" are two of the series' best episodes, while "Homecoming" and "Fire+Water" are two of the weakest. There's no in-between when it comes to Charlie. Overall one of the lower points of the series, an episode I just simply didn't enjoy. Part of the reason for the long delay in posting this was a rough work schedule, but also the simple fact I didn't really want to watch this episode. So I apologize for the brevity of this rewatch blog. "Outlaws" is a much better episode, and should be posted soon I hope. Thanks for reading and commenting, and let me know if you pulled anything out of the episode that I didn't.


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