I have an interesting theory based on some unanswered questions that came up for me as part of the Pilot for the show, the scene in the cockpit, and the first appearance of the Monster. Am I alone in wondering why there were empty seats in the front section of the plane when Jack, Kate, and Charlie go to search for the transciever? This could be explained by in other ways, I understand this (they could have been sucked out when the plane split, for example), but could this mean that there were survivors of the front section that we have not seen yet? What happened to these possible survivors? Now I get to my theory of what happened to the possibly front section survivors. One of the first significant plot twists of the series was the survivors hearing the Monster deep in the jungle crashing about, giving them the idea that this was no normal Island. We next hear the Monster when Jack, Kate, and Charlie travel to the cockpit. Could our first experience with the Monster, when the survivors hear it in the distance from the beach, be the Monster tearing through the jungle and killing the survivors of the front section? We know the Monster was in that area during the first day on the Island because Jack, Kate, and Charlie ran away from the cockpit with the Monster chasing them away. This theory would only leave the question of why the pilot, Seth Norris, survived this possible "initial attack" by the Monster. He was knocked out, so he didn't leave the plane, and maybe the Monster didn't originally want to kill the pilot because it thought it would be Frank Lapidus, the intended pilot of Flight 815. The Monster, which seems to be spiritually connected to the Island, could have known that Island would need Frank Lapidus in the future/past (so he could fly the Oceanic Six back to the Island) so it might not have originally gone after the Pilot. But, the Monster could have eventually discerned that Seth Norris should not have been on the Island and killed him. And, in an example of course correction, 91 days later Lapidus would eventually make it to the Island as part of the science team, starting him on his journey on/off the Island that would lead him to piloting Ajira 316. Any thoughts/support/refutations of this theory? Is this complete BS or is it possible?

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