This is as of "Dead is Dead."

20. The Cost of Living- Season 3

The Monster appears in the form of Yemi to judge Eko. Eko doesn't repent for his sins, and is thrashed by the Monster.

19. One For the Road- Season 2

Michael says sorry to Ana Lucia, then shoots her. When Libby walks in, he shoots her as well. He unlocks Henry Gale/Benjamin Linus' door, and shoots himself in the shoulder.

18. Dead is Dead- Season 5

The Monster comes out of a vent in the Temple to judge Ben. Scenes from Alex's life are shown as the Monster judges Ben. The Monster takes the form of Alex, threatening Ben with death is he doesn't listen to Locke.

17. Exodus, Part 2- Season 1

Some survivors along with Rousseau travel to the Black Rock to get some dynamite. Arzt is blown up by dynamite, they encounter a strange bird, and Locke gets captured by the Monster, and is almost pulled into a Cerberus Vent.

16. Live Together, Die Alone- Season 3

Desmond opens Our Mutual Friend and finds and reads Penny's note. After getting angry and tearing apart the shelves of the Swan, he hears Locke pounding on the hatch door. Overjoyed, Desmond regains hope.

15. I Do- Season 3

After Jack slices open Ben's kidney sac, he demands that he get the walkie talkie to talk to Kate. He demands that she get to safety, saying "Kate dammit run!"

14. The Man Behind the Curtain- Season 3

Locke and Ben visit Jacob's cabin. Ben speaks to Jacob, but Locke cannot see him. After Locke shines on a flashlight on Ben, calling him a liar, the cabin starts to shake violently and things start to fly through the air. We get a short glimpse of a man sitting in the chair.

13. Live Together, Die Alone- Season 2

After rifling through the Pearl log sheets, Desmond comes to the realization that his system failure on December 22nd, 2004, caused the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. With this realization he goes down the secret room under the Hatch, and turns the failsafe key.

12. The Man Behind the Curtain- Season 3

Ben brings Locke to the mass grave of the Dharma Initiative, revealing that he took part in the genocide of the Initiative. Ben shoots Locke into the grave, saying that he hopes Jacob can help him now.

11. Through the Looking Glass- Season 3

Tom and an attack team of the Others lead an attack on the Survivors' camp, and capture Sayid, Jin, and Bernard after they kill a large number of the team. After Tom fires three shots into the sand to make Jack think that they died, Hurley comes rumbling through in the Dharma Van, killing Pryce, Sayid breaks Jason's neck using merely his feet, and after Tom surrenders, Saywer shoots him point blank, killing him

10. The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham- Season 5

Ilana comes into one of the Hydra buildings, informing Caesar that there is a mysterious man outside who was not on the plane. Caesar goes outside to and asks the man for his name. The man turns around, lowers his hood, and says, "My name is John Locke."

9. Live Together, Die Alone- Season 2

Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley are lead to the Pala Ferry. A boat arrives, revealing the fake Henry Gale. He appears to have a leadership status among the Others. After the Discharge, “Henry” completes the deal with Michael, stating to Michael that the Others are “the good guys.” Michael leaves on the boat with Walt. Bea lets Hurley go, telling him to tell his people to never come back here again. Bags are then put over Jack, Kate, and Sawyer’s heads.

8. There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 and 3- Season 4

Kate comes running out the jungle and is stopped by Keamy. After claiming the Others were chasing her, she is taken prisoner. The mercenary team hears the Whispers, before the Others descend on the clearing and systematically take out the mercenary team until only Keamy is left. Ben and Kate run away and are followed by Keamy. Keamy is ambushed by Sayid, but manages to get the upper hand until Richard Alpert shoots him 4 times in the back.

7. The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham- Season 5

As Locke gets ready to hang himself, Ben enters to stop him. He does this by saying Locke still has work to do, to get the Oceanic Six back to the Island. After Locke reveals that they need to find Eloise Hawking, Ben snaps and strangles Locke. As he leaves the scene, Ben says, "I'll miss you John. I really will."

6. This Place is Death- Season 5

After a time flash, Locke falls to the bottom of the well. Christian Shephard appears and tells Locke he needs to set the wheel back on it's axis to leave the Island and get everybody to come back. Locke gets up on his broken leg, and turns the wheel as Christian says "Say hi to my son."

5. Exodus Part 2- Season 1

Michael, Walt, Jin and Saywer see a boat approach their raft. But instead of bringing rescue, Tom informs them they need to take Walt. After taking Walt, the Others blow up the raft.

4. There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 and 3- Season 4

Ben blows a hole in the Orchid's vault, climbs through the tunnel, and falls down the ladder into the frozen wheel chamber. He turns the wheel, and moves the Island.

3. Pilot Part 1- Season 1

Jack wakes up in the middle of the jungle. He gets up quickly to find wreckage of flight 815. Jack and other survivors rush about attempting to help the injured. Gary Troup gets sucked into the turbine, and the wing falls, almost killing Hurley and Claire.

2. The Shape of Things to Come- Season 4

Keamy's team assaults the Barracks, with Alex held hostage. Keamy negotiates Ben surrender's by saying if he does not come out, Alex will die. Ben stalls, telling Keamy that Alex is not really his daughter and merely a pawn. After Keamy then shoots Alex, Ben becomes extremely shocked, and goes down into a secret room and summons the Monster. The Monster descends on the Barracks and assaults Keamy's team.

1. Through the Looking Glass- Season 3

Jack meets Kate behind LAX airport, revealing his flashbacks for this episode were really flashforwards. Jack tells Kate that they were never supposed to leave the Island, and that they need to go back.

This of course very subjective, and I expect many people to disagree. What are your thoughts?

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