Has anybody seemed to notice that the Man in Black is seemingly invincible? He's ageless, he can turn into a rampaging smoke monster, he's not affected by bullets or knives and he can change into any dead person on the Island or from someone's memories (although that's not something he can do anymore...he's only got the Locke and smoke forms now).

So what is going to stop him from getting what he wants? His only weaknesses are of a repellent nature...meaning they only stop him or keep him at bay, but they don't kill him. Examples include the ash or the sonic fence. Is there some sort of loophole that will make him vulnerable to death, just like we saw with Jacob?

The only thing I can think of has to do with electromagnetism. There's a possibility the Man in Black has some sort of electromagnetic composition. Charles Widmore is expecting Desmond to undergo another electromagnetic incident, hence why he brought him to the Island and tested his EM machine room thing (I don't know the name of it haha) on Desmond, sending his consciousness to the FST. Will destroying the island's electromagnetic properties render the Man in Black vulnerable, and simply a normal man who could be killed? This would make sense if the Man in Black was once a normal man, and possibly Jacob got him involved in some sort of electromagnetic catastrophe in very ancient times, which turned him into a very angry cloud of black smoke who could shape-shift into the bodies of dead people. Could another electromagnetic catastrophe make him a man again?

What are your thoughts? Will the Man in Black even be stopped, and if so, how?

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