I've been thinking about the frozen donkey wheel and the well. My biggest question is its origins-who built it and why? If somebody did indeed build it, how could they possibly find that specific location, know its powers, and build a wheel and surrounding chamber if it was so far underground? We know that in an ancient time period, where the 4 toed statue was whole, the wheel chamber was in existence, so it would appear that sometime before that the ancient indigenous population built it. This is also supported by the fact that there are hieroglyphics in the chamber that are synonymous with other ancient parts of the island. But I'm puzzled as to how the original inhabitants of the island managed to find this location and know to build a wheel that could move the Island.

I'm also curious as to the presence of the rope leading into solid ground when the Left Behinds experience the time flash into the ancient period. I'd like to think that the Others, whenever or wherever they came from, found this rope, and then built a well down to the chamber and harnessed the power of the wheel.

Any thoughts on any of this?

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