The first shot of the series had Jack opening his eyes after a plane had crash landed, in 3 pieces, on an Island. He opens his eyes in a bamboo grove, beyond which is a very special place, the source of life, death and rebirth. A dog named Vincent comes running up to Jack, spurring him into action, as he passes a white tennis sneaker hanging on a bamboo tree. The final shot of the series shows Jack laying down in the bamboo grove, after passing by the at this point very battered sneaker. Vincent comes again, and lays down to comfort Jack as he dies, peacefully. A plane leaves the Island overhead, as Jack closes his eyes. Two very beautiful and moving mirror images that bookend one of the greatest TV series of all time. What happened in between these two images is some of the most profound and intriguing story-telling in TV history.

In the end, we saw that Lost was, and always will be, about the characters. We may not know every last mystery about the Island, but it's ok. Most of the mysteries can be answered using a little imagination. If you're a Lostpedia blogger like myself, then I'm guessing you have a pretty good imagination if you can follow and enjoy the show. The outrigger chase? Some group of people that Hurley brought to the Island during his tenure as the Island protector. The sickness? The Man in Black's way of recruitment-he brings you back to life using some sort of power, a darkness, but at a price. If left untreated, the darkness will spread too far, and make you a willing minion of the Man in Black. That is the way the Man in Black has always operated- his promises often come at a heavy price, as seen throughout the chronological history of the show. What did Jughead do? Jughead kept the energy that was building up out of control at the Swan station at bay in 1977. Otherwise the world may have ended. But Radzinsky irreparably damaged the pocket of electromagnetic energy, and it would continue to build up over the years every 108 minutes. It is quite possible that the mechanism behind pushing the button is nuclear in nature, that a nuclear reaction releases the energy under the Swan safely every 108 minutes. At moment of detonation, it neutralized the buildup, and sent the survivors back to 2007. We know that electromagnetism causes time travel.

There are many other unanswered questions, but for me, they don't matter. It's not as if they are not important, because they are. The mysteries drove the plot, and kept the show very interesting over the years, but in the end the heart of the show was the characters, and their lives. With a lot of open-ended questions, we can keep a great site like Lostpedia going into the future, debating the answers to some of the loose ends Damon and Carlton have left open. Where some people find the loose ends to be a problem, I don't. Sure, it would have been nice for them answer the questions, I'm not saying they shouldn't have answered them, but the unanswered questions don't detract from the show for me.

Lost has always been about the characters for me, and for Damon and Carlton, so I'm more interested in what will happen to our characters. We've seen the end...the end was at the church. It only end once, everything before that is just progress. They were all finally able to move on after having lived their lives to the fullest on the Island. Hurley and Ben became the new head honchos on the Island. Hurley became the new Jacob, and Ben became the new Richard. I would assume Ben assembled a new set of Others (he's certainly got the off-Island connections for recruitment) and possibly brought back any defected Others, including Cindy, Zach and Emma, if they survived Widmore's mortar attack. Hurley's reign as the Island protector was probably not as shrouded in mystery as Jacob's. I imagine Hurley's reign was relatively peaceful, because he didn't have to prove anybody wrong about the nature of humanity. At some point during Hurley's reign, there might have been another plane crash, and some of these crash survivors could've gotten into one of the outriggers and chase the time-traveling Left Behinders. I imagine Hurley and Ben gave Jack a proper burial, possibly at the beach camp or the caves, a burial suited for a hero. Vincent returned to Rose and Bernard, and they lived out a happy existence on the Island until their death.

Richard, now able to age, is finally able to live a normal life off-Island. He hasn't been off the Island for an extended period of time since 1867, so he might have trouble adjusting, but he'll probably be fine. Claire will raise Aaron like a real mother, with the help of Aunt Kate. I imagine that Sawyer may actually become a cop when he gets back. I don't think he'll go back to being a con man. Miles may even become his partner. And I imagine Frank will spend most of his time sipping margaritas on the beach, his shirt wide open, chest hair blazing in glory.

After being Lost for almost 6 seasons, I think our characters have finally been found. They've gone through their lives, experienced many difficult times off and on the Island, but have mostly become better for it. And they all gathered one last time, at Eloise's church in the afterlife, so they can all move on together. Because their lives really started together. They formed a community after crashing on the Island, and loved and lost together. It's only fitting that they all (except Mr. Eko, he wanted too much money) were able to be found and move on to whatever lays ahead of them. Namaste, it's been a great series. There will never be one like it again.

"3 days before you came down here, before we met, I heard a banging on the Hatch door, shouting. But it was you, John, wasn't it? You said there isn't any purpose—there's no such thing as fate. But you saved my life, brother, so that I could save yours." -Desmond David Hume

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