Here's a little Lost game I made up the other day. In a certain amount of steps, you have to connect people on the Island to each other based on their previous lives off-Island. Connections can be direct (such as Locke had a father who conned Sawyer's parents) and should involve people, not objects or coincidences. (for example, you can't connect Locke to Ben by saying they both had mothers named Emily) Do not include interactions at the airport. I'll show an example, then give some questions. Also feel free to come up with your own. Note that these are OT connections, and try to not use the Lostpedia character pages. See if you can come up with these off the top of your head! Good Luck!

Connect Locke to Jack in 4 steps.

1. Locke's father was Anthony Cooper. 2. Anthony Cooper conned Sawyer's parents. 3. Sawyer met Christian Shephard in a bar in Australia. 4. Christian was Jack's father.

-Connect Ana Lucia to Sayid in 6 steps or less.

-Connect Daniel Faraday with Hurley Reyes in 4 steps or less.

-Connect Jin to Claire in 5 steps or less.

-Connect Eko to Sawyer in 5 steps or less.

-Connect Boone to Libby in 4 steps or less (I think this one is pretty hard)

-Connect Charlie to Kate in 4 steps or less.

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