After seeing "The Variable," do you think Jack and Kate, and possibly Daniel if he somehow ends up not being dead, will attempt to stop the Incident and therefore change their "futures," so that they never end up being on the Island? My personal hope is that the Incident still happens and the Incident is the event that brings the survivors back together. I can't possibly see what would happen if the events of the crash of Flight 815 were prevented. We wouldn't have a show, and there would be no war. If Flight 815 never crashed, then Kate and Sawyer would have never been on the Island to bring Ben to the Others. If that didn't happen, Ben wouldn't be the one behind banishing Charles Widmore, and Widmore would possibly still be the leader of the Others. The Incident never happening changes the show far too much and I think it would be a huge disappointment if Jack and Kate went on with Daniel's plan. What do you guys think?

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