While rewatching 3rd season, in episode 'One Of Us' Juliet was explaining to Jack and Kate about Claires pregnancy problem and that she developed a serum to keep her alive. Then I thought, wow this is why Claire could born the baby...but then, at the end of the episode, Juliet and Ben were talking, and all that Juliet said to Kate and Jack was their plan so losties would gain trust into Juliet....So i still dont understand why is Claire alive. I have 3 theories why: 1. Juliets new serum is true and it did work and saved Claire (when Ethan gave her injections); 2. Claire did not conceive on the island (tho Juliet said she has the same simptoms as other mothers who had conceived on the island); 3. Claire/Aaron is candidate and was/were touched by Jacob, so she can't die/is able to conceive. So what do you think.

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