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  • Diti8448

    Candidate rules

    September 1, 2010 by Diti8448

    In What Kate Does, Dogen gives the pill (poison) to Jack to give it to Sayid. He said that he needs to swallow it voluntarily. Later, Jack swallowed the pill (voluntarily) so Dogen reacted. So my question is: Did Dogen give pill to Jack cause 'candidate can kill canditate' or because 'canditate cannot killhimself except by doing it volunterily' -> this condradicts to the dynamite when Jack was about to blow himself - the dynamite just extinguished. But if the 'canditate cannot killhimself except by doing it volunterily' isn't right, then why would Dogen react on Jacks swallowing the pill...he wouldn't die.

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  • Diti8448

    Ben lied to Juliet?

    August 30, 2010 by Diti8448

    He brought Juliet so she could fix the pregnancy problems ---- but in The New Man In Charge he brings the dharma hydra he knew where it was, thus he've always known what caused the pregnancy problems. So, did he let all the pregnat woman die so he could spend time with Juliet, make her guilty for not knowing what caused pregnancy problems so she would stay?

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  • Diti8448

    LOST Season 6 Bloopers

    August 23, 2010 by Diti8448

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  • Diti8448


    August 16, 2010 by Diti8448

    So I was rewatching Cabin Fever yesterday, and maybe I found out why did that mysterious eye (probably mib) appeared to Hugo - so mib could scare him. Why?. Because MIB wanted John to go in cabin alone so he could tell him to move the island. As seen in Cabin Fever, neither Ben or Hugo wanted to go inside. He knew that now that Hurley knows where the cabin is, that he will tell it to John so John will take him to help him find the cabin. Thats why mib said 'help me' in 'The man behind the curtain', so it would make Ben jealous and realise that his time is over, so he wouldnt want to enter the cabin and speak with "Jacob".

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  • Diti8448

    Fake 815

    August 12, 2010 by Diti8448

    So, who actually put the fake wreckage of the oceanic 815? In Meet Kevin Johnson, Tom said to Michael that Charles had put it. In Ji Yeon, cpt. Gail said to Sayid and Desmond that Ben had put it there and got 324 bodies and thats the reason why they want Ben. In The Shape Of Things To Come, Ben said to Sayid that Charles did.

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