• Discostar


    February 3, 2009 by Discostar

    ok im new to all this but why does the compuss that richard gives to locke have an O on it instead of a W for west?? check out the picture on the compuss page.

    And.... (lol) locke being special to the others and richard is a self fulfiling prophecy isnt it? he pops up in the 50's to richard, who dosnt know him, tells richard jacob sent him, gives him the compuss and as far as richard is concerned, locke is this special person that has knoweldge that he should not i would imagine that if locke keeps popping up in different time shifts, chasing richard down to find out how to save the island and the people on it, with various degrees of knowledge, then they are gonna consider him locke has inadvertatly made himself…

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