OK so, last night's episode stumped me a few times.

When Flocke told Sawyer they were going to use the plane to leave the island, the first thing that came to mind was "Huh, good thing Jacob told the Others to build that runway.."...or...*was* it Jacob? Either MiB was also giving orders to the Others (if Jacob was giving them at all), MiB is very good at being opportunistic and realized he had a shot when Jacob wanted the runway built, or Jacob is pulling a long con on MiB....quite possibly the *longest* of cons...and letting MiB think he's got the upper hand when he in fact doesn't. I mean, the runway could possibly be part of the whole "You have NO idea what I had to go through" that MiB was talking about....

Also, Sawyer just kind of assumed that Widmore wanted MiB dead I think. Either we missed something (or..*I* missed something...) but I don't remember Widmore saying he wanted to kill MiB. If Jacob is looking for "replacements", who's to say Widmore isn't trying to "replace" MiB? Widmore may have just played along, or...ever the con man, Sawyer fed Widmore some info to see how he'd react.

I loved MiB's "and now Aaron has a crazy mother too" speech.

And, while I'm at it...way back when Ben killed Jacob...the whole "I did this for you, I did that for you, what about me?" sounded rather similar to the whole Story of Job thing, and Locke's rant to Sawyer in the cave gave me flashbacks to Al Pacino at the end of Devil's Advocate. Anyone else get that sense?

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