Ok, as far as I can see, both MiB *and* Jacob are lying at times...or at least telling half-truths and/or reserving choice information.

Who's doing it more/worse?

MiB says he wants off the Island, and (as far as what we've learned in Recon) is planning on using the plane to do it. IF that's the case, why wasn't he happy to see the ship that Jacob "brought"? Why did he seem to hate Jacob for always bringing people to the Island if MiB *needed* people to find the Island in order for him to have a way off? Or, is MiB once again telling people things they want to hear in order to get them to do what he needs them to?

If Jacob knows what's going on, why isn't he more forthcoming with info to those whom he touched so they can help prevent it? Is it really all about "getting it done for yourself"? If it IS all about managing to do it yourself without help, isn't that what Christian did to Locke before Locke turned the wheel when he said he couldn't help?

What do YOU think?

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