Ok, first and foremost, "Namaste" was awesome, and while not having what I would call any huge "game-changing answers", we did find out some information that's relevant to the lore and plot of the show...

- Ethan was conceived and born on the island to DHARMA Initiative members - The first "incident" has not yet happened as the Swan has not even been built yet. - We know for sure the following stations exist : Flame, Pearl, Arrow, Looking Glass. (Not sure about the Staff. The intern who diagnosed Amy last episode wore a lab coat with the Staff logo on it, but as of yet we have not seen the actual station, nor mention of it) - Christian knows "when" Jin is. (Jin is not in the '77 photo, yet Christian knew Jin was "with his friends. - Ben is on the island and has been for at least a bit (as his father isn't in the same picture as Hurley, Jack, and Kate)

Hopefully, we'll stay in this time-period long enough to find out what the Swan's original purpose was and the first "incident" that happened that led to the Swan becoming what it was when Kelvin and Radzinski (and later Desmond) lived in it.

As far as other ideas...

I think that Paul (Amy's husband) may have been one of the Others before he was a member of DHARMA. (I find it interesting that Richard would want Paul's body. Yes Amy may have kept the necklace as a keepsake, but when Sawyer, Juliet, Miles and Jin saved Amy and were trying to leave, Amy said "we need to take it...him....back with us". She could very well have meant "the corpse", but I get the feeling that wasn't it)

I think Ben has been on the island long enough to have had his talk with Richard about going with them. I know Richard seemed to have the "dirty/disheveled" look in that convo, but the way Ben was talking to Sayid would lead me to think he knew a bit more about them.

I think Faraday is still on the island with them, but I think he's mentally "checked out" and just not with it. (This is based on Sawyer telling Jack that "Daniel's got some pretty interesting ideas on what we can and can't do here" and not "Daniel had some..")

I think Jack may end up working with Ben's father and Jack will come to either feel more sympathetic for Ben, or more disgusted at him in finding out they may be more alike than Jack is comfortable with.


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