I'm pretty sure that this was mentioned a while ago, so I don't take credit for this being an original idea, but I think now, looking back after "The Incident" that it may be correct.

  • If* "Otherman" has been taking the shape of Christian, and we know he's taken the shape of Locke, does it indeed have something to do with those who aren't buried? We've been told some of the visions of Yemi were the smoke monster, but some were "apparition". Could the apparition be "Otherman"? I'm not quite sold on the fact that "Otherman" is the smoke monster...I'm more of the mind that the reason Locke2.0 "left" when Ben was judged was so the smoke monster stayed focused on Ben and didn't decide to turn his smokey gaze upon himself. Alex however, *may* have been "Otherman" and we're just assuming it was the smoke monster. Even though Alex, Danielle and Karl were buried, it was shallow and shoddy and Miles kind of uncovered them, so....not sure what to think.

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